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SEVEN GENERATIONS: Sample from Episode 1 – “Colony Collapse”

bee2smallIt’s time for the next generation to run the family farm.

Meet the Appleton’s, a family thriving on Phoenix Farm since before the Civil War. Until now. Climate change is real. Bee colony collapse disorder is cutting into profits. Encroaching suburbs and sibling rivalry have brother and sister at opposites:  beefeater to vegan, “drill baby drill” to alternative energy, pushing this family to the edge … and back.

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Check out this episode’s theme song:  LOVE IS LIKE A TRACTOR
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HOME — 11 Comments

  1. The revival of storytelling is now! I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode by radiodramarama.com. They have nailed what is needed today for entertainment. Great story, passion in the telling and allowing you to paint the picture in your mind. Yes you got to participate and exercise your mind. Do yourself a favor and tune in!!!

  2. I didn’t know what to expect.This is just introducing characters to come, where it all starts!

    Overall it took me away from my worries as I sat quietly and listened to her talk.

  3. When you remove the visual stimulation of film and allow your auditory senses to truly explore, it is an amazing experience! And I agree….it is relaxing, peaceful, maybe almost Zen-like. My imagination awoke and I could picture in my mind the farm, the fields, the animals, the birds, and these characters, oh the characters, as they were introduced and void of someone else’s predetermination of what they should look like. Similar to reading, but without the eye strain! I’m a throwback fan. Looking forward to more, more, more!

  4. I just finished listening to your sample on Radio Drama Rama. While I’m relatively new at audio theater, I enjoyed the piece and found it very pleasant. Sometimes a single narrative can lose my attention, but you did a wonderful job of keeping me with it…and “Love is like a Tractor” is going to be in my head for the rest of the day!

  5. I love the idea of reviving old time radio shows. Like reading a book, one just hears the story and more can be left to the imagination.

    I love this audio. The music, birds chirping and other sounds transported me to an old time farm and a world which is fast disappearing….felt like I was there.

    The narration by the old farmers wife with the breathing machine was powerful. I could imagine that a woman in a coma could really be thinking these things. The beeping of the life support monitors caused great tension when they slowed down. Brilliant.

    I was transported.

  6. The experience of hearing the expressive sounds of a voice telling a story gives us the wonder of being able to imagine and create our own pictures in our minds of the characters, their environment, and the culture they live in. It is stimulating, and exciting, and comforting, because it becomes your story too, that you can remember and tell to other people.Listening to a story on the radio reminds me of my childhood, and remembering my parents reading stories to me.
    Thank you Hester!

  7. Took my imagination on a trip. The voice acting was really effective.